GDPR Transfer of Data Outside EU. Recommendations Following the CJEU’s decision C-311/18 (Schrems II)

The EDPB (European Data Protection Board) brings new light upon the recent decision of the CJEU, named C-311/18 Schrems II. It clarifies the GDPR (The General Data Protection Regulation) transfer of data outside EU, and continues to validate the standard contractual clauses. The CJEU (The Court of Justice of the European Union) emphasizes once again […]

GDPR Lawsuit Against Oracle and Salesforce

A series of lawsuits have been filed against Salesforce and Oracle, by a non-profit organization named The Privacy Collective and Rebecca Rumbul, privacy campaigner and data protection specialist which claims that the two giant companies illegally processed personal data collected in cookies. The violation is quite serious, the companies are accused of collecting and storing […]