Simplifying Business ComplianceSM


At Sovy, we are dedicated to simplifying business compliance for Micro and Small to Mid-Sized Enterprises (MSMEs) globally.

MSMEs doing business locally can be subject to international regulations, such as the GDPR.

Increasingly, MSMEs are serving customers around the world and are part of global supply-chain networks. Those global activities subject businesses to international and local-market regulations. These can be complex, confusing and costly.

At Sovy, we want to make compliance simple and affordable for every business. We believe that getting compliance right should not be expensive.

The Sovy Compliance HubSM is the one-stop-shop for a full suite of affordable compliance solutions, offered by subscription and available in local language.

Sovy’s team has a long history of hands-on regulatory experience. We have taken what has worked for large enterprises and created the practical approaches, tools and solutions for MSMEs.

Sign up with Sovy, simplify your compliance burden and focus your energy on your business.

Get Ready, Get Compliant, Stay CompliantSM

Sovy Compliance HubSM
enables MSMEs to

Sovy GDPR Privacy EssentialsSM contain the easy to use tools to adhere to the GDPR and address the law as it evolves.

Leadership Team

Meet our growing leadership team
John jp Popolizio headshot

John Popolizio (JP)

Co-Founder and CEO

Based in Dublin and New York, JP has 30 years of experience in risk, cyber, regulatory, counter-crime as a CSO, CRO, CIO and CTO in global financials. JP has led distressed regulatory and cyber situations, turnarounds and crisis management.

JP is a NACD-certified Board advisor to publicly traded and private businesses. He has been an asset to early-stage companies seeking assistance with strategy, market introduction, product validation and enterprise adoption.

JP has a BS in Mathematics, was one of the first worldwide to obtain the Certified Financial Crime Specialist designation and maintains a CISSP.


Shane Ambridge

Co-Founder and CCO

Based in London, Shane is a serial entrepreneur and early pioneer in internet marketing for mass consumer to business who has taken early-stage ventures to profitability. He has a joint-venture, affiliate marketing and product background.

Shane has incubated and grown technology, property and services businesses for more than 20 years. Barefruit is a ten-year-old profitable web software services company that generates highly targeted traffic for ISPs by replacing DNS and HTTP errors with relevant advertising. Grown from a modest £2 million invested, Barefruit now serves over 750 million Broadbrand and 250 million mobile customers.

Robert Headshot

Robert Gordon

Co-Founder and Chief Public Policy Officer

Based in Brussels, Robert has over 30 years of experience in international business. He is a respected trade and government affairs executive having built a successful global advisory and lobbying practice.

As a Chairman’s Advisory Board executive at AIG, Robert built the first online platform mitigating risks inherent to transacting business on the web, leading to a spin-off with D&B. Robert was a Special Advisor to the U.S. Senate and in the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative. As a trade advocate, he is active in multiple associations with the goal to promote and protect the rights of SMEs.


Elly Nacinovic

Co-Founder and Chief Administrative Officer

Based in Dublin and New York, Elly has 30 years of experience in enterprise technology, systems integration, master data management, marketing sales and service operations and innovation services.

Elly is a Director of Riverdale Group and SAQR Advisors, focusing on risk, security, cyber, crisis, and counter-crime. She and JP were the initial investors in Sovy through their early-stage incubator.

Elly has a BS in Mathematics, maintains a CISSP and earned the designation of Certified Scrum Master.

Samantha Chilcott

Samantha Chilcott

Director of Digital Marketing

Samantha leads Sovy’s digital marketing and SEO. She has created successful global digital programs with key drivers in rebranding, online PR, affiliate marketing for boutiques and global travel firm TUI.



Edward P. Percarpio

Privacy Architecture Leader

Edward combines his background in data privacy, regulatory analysis and rule interpretation with data analytics to enable core elements of the Sovy solution suite.  He holds an Msc from Oxford University.


Martin Sliva photo

Martin Sliva

Alliance Partner Leader

Martin leads Sovy’s alliance partner and analytics efforts.

Martin provides an SME lens, having built one of the most successful, award-winning, UK franchises as a Fullers’ Publican. He focuses on business solutions alliances and partnerships.


Irina Ionescu

Marketing Analyst and Country Manager

Irina is a Marketing Analyst and Country Manger in Sovy’s team. She finished her studies in Cambridge and her experience is in working closely to Marketing team and CCO to identify opportunities and find a way to implement them.

Advisory Board

Meet our growing, distinguished, advisory board

The Honorable Ross Hornby

Former Ambassador of Canada to the EU and GE Canada Executive

Ross is an executive advisor to Sovy focusing on government policy, trade and regulatory relations.

He was GE Canada Executive, Global Growth and Operations (GGO), and chair of GE Canada Government Relations Council. As Canada’s Ambassador to the EU, Ross was instrumental in strengthening the relationship between Canada and the EU and advancing the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA), which went into effect in 2017.


Paul Adamson OBE

Chairman, Forum Europe and Founder, E!Sharp

Paul is an EU business and relations advisor to Sovy. He is a recognized EU business expert and the Chairman of Forum Europe, an EU dedicated conference and event provider.

He founded E!Sharp, an online magazine dedicated to covering the European Union and Europe's place in the world. Paul was made an Officer of the Order of the British Empire (OBE) and a Chevalier in the Ordre national du Mérite by the French government.


Dr. Ed Amoroso

CEO, TAG Cyber & Former Global Chief Security Officer, AT&T

Ed is a global risk and cyber advisor to Sovy. He is a world-renowned security executive, entrepreneur and educator. Ed is the CEO of TAG Cyber, a global cyber security company.

He is generally recognized as the second person to be appointed to a global CSO role in a Fortune 10. Ed’s tenure as CSO at AT&T is unprecedented and he is credited for moving more applied security R&D into operations than anyone in the field. Ed was a Director at M&T Bank and on the U.S. National Security Agency Advisory Board.

elena brian

Elena Bryan

Managing Director, Pilot Rock Global Strategies

Elena is an international trade and regulatory advisor to Sovy. She is Managing Director of Pilot Rock Global Strategies, a trade and investment consultancy based in Washington, D.C.

Elena is a Senior Fellow at the European Center for International Political Economy in Brussels. A 20+ year veteran U.S. international trade negotiator with the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative, she was the senior representative in Brussels during the TTIP negotiations. She oversaw bilateral trade relations in Southeast Asia and India, negotiated several U.S. trade agreements and represented the U.S. at the WTO.


Lars Hoffmann

Director, ICANN

Lars is a global Internet policy advisor to Sovy. He is a Director at ICANN, the public-benefit corporation with participants from all over the world dedicated to keeping the Internet secure, stable and interoperable.

Lars has an impressive background combining leading-edge technology, global economics, privacy and international relations