The UK’s Department for Education Does Not Comply With GDPR Data Protection Rules

DefendDigitalMe¬†and Liberty, the campaign groups, have notified the ICO (The Information Commissioner‚Äôs Office) regarding DfE‚Äôs (Department for Education) data protection practices as being unsafe.¬† The ICO began a more thorough investigation in November 2019 and it was indeed discovered that data protection did not meet the GDPR‚Äôs¬†(The General¬†Protection Regulation) requirements, and an audit was undertaken […]

Swedish Giant H&M Fined With Over ‚ā¨30 Million By GDRP For Unlawfully Storing And Collecting Personal Data Of Their Employees

The Swedish clothing company H&M (Hennes & Mauritz) has been fined ‚ā¨35.5 million by the German Data Protection Authority on the 1st of October 2020, after a data leak from a service center from Nuremberg Germany, which revealed the illegal collection of personal data of the employees by the managers. The monitoring activity targeted several […]